We stock & print to a wide range of materials suitable for both interior & exterior signage. Read on for a brief overview of each material to ensure your signs are fit for purpose. If you have any questions our team are on hand to advise on the best material for your signage – give us a call on 01444 460 198 or email

Rigid Plastic

Standard rigid 1mm PVC boards (other thicknesses available) suitable for a wide variety of applications. Benefits: widely recyclable, durable, low cost, suitable for indoor & outdoor use.

Fluted Polypropylene (also known as Correx)

Popular lightweight material for temporary signage and used widely by estate agents. Not recommended for long-term use as it can be damaged easily. Benefits: lightweight, low cost.

Foam Board (also known as Foamex)

Available in 3mm, 5mm or 10mm thickness. Solid waterproof surface which is ideal for printing too. Contains up to 30% recycled content. Suitable for indoor and up to 1 year outdoor use. Temporary or semi-permanent signage. Benefits: lightweight & recycled content.

100% Recycled Foam Board

Foam board manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled material. Suitable for indoor and up to 1 year outdoor use. Temporary or semi-permanent signage. Benefits: lightweight & eco-friendly.

ACM (also known as Dibond)

Aluminium Composite – this robust exterior sheet material consists of aluminium surfaces (which is a sustainable material) with a recycled LDPE inner. Suitable for permanent exterior signage. Benefits: durable, low cost when compared to solid metal alternatives.

Hoarding Foam board

Eco friendly (up to 30% recycled content) 10mm thick foam board 8’x4’ or 10’x5’ is self-supporting and can be screwed or clipped into place. Suitable for full-colour print on both sides and can be cut to any shape required. If hoarding is needed to last several years, we would recommend using ACM.

Self-Adhesive Vinyl

Exterior grade vinyl is ideal to extend the life of your existing signage with the application of a self-adhesive vinyl printed sign. Suitable for application to most smooth, dry and clean surfaces.

Magnetic Vinyl

Vehicle grade magnetic vinyl suitable for application to most clean and dry metal surfaces. Suitable for long-term exterior use



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